The Playground


The repair work to the Play Area has now been completed – thank you to the Volunteers and for the financial contribution to the costs from Wolverley and Cookley Parish Council..

The equipment will be disinfected 3 times per week but children, parents and carers should follow the COVID-19 precautions shown on the posters displayed around the Play Area.

ENJOY and use the equipment responsibly.

Kidderminster Mayor, Marcus Hart, cut the ribbon to the Wolverley Memorial Hall play area, on Saturday, March 28.

The Wolverley Memorial Hall Fund Committee raised £80,000 to renew the Shatterford Lane play area from local organisations, including Kidderminster Educational Foundation, Worcestershire County Council, Kidderminster and District Youth Trust and Sebrights Educational Foundation. The playground, for three to 14 year olds, is designed to provide exercise and has two levels with grassy slopes and deep safety surfacing around the equipment. Older teenagers have not been forgotten and have their own area which includes larger swings, a low rotator and teen’s shelter which has a solar powered radio with Bluetooth connectivity and low lighting. Peter Smith, Memorial Hall Fund chairman, said: “We think that the new facilities are very much appreciated by our young people and we are hopeful that they will be looked after and treated with respect by all of those who use them.”

Article from the Kidderminster Shuttle, Tuesday 14 April 2009