The Wolverley Memorial Hall CAR BOOT SALE on 25 JULY is CANCELLED.


The Memorial Hall Committee has met to discuss how and when the next CAR BOOT SALE can take place, following the relaxation of some of the Government’s Covid-19 regulations on 4th July.

The Committee has decided that it is currently unable to meet all the conditions required by the Government’s guidance for the safe provision of outdoor markets (which is the part of the guidance that relates to Car Boot Sales).

The Committee is arranging for a thorough risk assessment of all the elements of a safe Car Boot Sale to ensure that the all the relevant Covid-19 requirements, including those for social distancing, cleaning and hygiene can be met.

Our priority is to ensure a safe environment for sellers, buyers and volunteers.

It will take time for the volunteers who organise the Car Boot sale to ensure all the changes required by the additional Covid-19 conditions and restrictions are put in place and so the Memorial Hall Committee has decided to cancel the Car Boot Sale planned for 25th July and aim to have the necessary arrangements in place so the Car BOOT Sale on 15th August can go ahead.

We will confirm the 15th August date as soon as we are sure the required changes from the risk assessment can be put in place by that date.