The Wolverley Memorial Hall Play Area remains closed

The Memorial Hall Committee has met to discuss how and when the Play Area can be re-opened, following the relaxation of some of the Government’s Covid-19 regulations on 4th July.

The Committee has decided that it is unable to meet all the conditions required by the Government’s guidance for the safe re-opening of outdoor play areas at the present time.

The Committee is arranging for a thorough risk assessment of the Play Area and an independent inspection of the equipment, which has not been used for over 3 months since the beginning of “lockdown”, to ensure that the equipment is safe for use and that all the relevant Covid-19 requirements, including those for social distancing, cleaning and hygiene are met before the Play Area is re-opened.

We recognise that the Play Area is a valued amenity for local residents and the volunteers that are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Play Area will be doing everything they can to ensure the safe re-opening of the Play Area as soon as possible.

We will provide a further update on the timing of the re-opening of the Play Area after the risk assessment and equipment inspection has been carried out.